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Copper Gold Ratio

Copper is an indicator of risk-on environment. Gold is an indicator of risk aversion. What is the Copper-Gold ratio showing? The monthly charts have been bullish as highlighted earlier here. KST gave a buy way back in 2020 and copper/…

Happy Clients

Having done Algo trading with Rahul – the entire process of trading has become systematic. The use of algorithms & investment rules based on historical-data analysis, has resulted in good results over the years and that is the ‘proof of the pudding’!

Salil Bhargava

You get a feeling of absolute integrity when speaking with Rahul. What really impressed us was his depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and analytical approach to the financial sector. The astute financial advice Rahul provides is really an advantage when dealing in the Stock Market

Rajeev & Ritu Bohra

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