What I Learnt During this Lockdown

Times of uncertainty make you see clearly what is important. The pandemic has led to a ‘pause’ in our hectic, over-stretched life. Here is my attempt to document some observations during the ‘Great Lockdown 2020’ –

1. We spend a lot of money on frivolous things. When in reality, we can live very well on very little.

2. We are accumulating so many assets, which are of no real need to us – most of them are just to impress others. We are finding them to be a total waste now (case in point – your four cars standing in the driveway). Real joy and satisfaction comes in sharing and distributing things to needy and helping the poor.

3. The joy of doing your own chores and sharing work load at home is really an important self-discovery. We have become over dependent on helper.

4. Nature needs an annual break from human beings to rejuvenate itself. Maybe it’s a great idea for humans to ‘hibernate’ a few months very year – then we can enjoy clean air and water in return.

5. Enjoy every moment with friends and family. Be joyful and grateful – because you do not know how long this journey of life will be.

And finally, men can cook & clean. Some even enjoy it tremendously!

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