Focus on Better Lifestyle and Healthy Habits Post COVID-19

We all define health differently. However, the premise behind eating good food loaded with nutrients and exercising regularly to strengthen the immune system and adapt to the changing environment is to stay healthy. The coronavirus pandemic has redefined the word ‘healthy’ as thousands seek treatment in hospitals while many have succumbed to the effects of the disease. Good health has gained greater relevance in today’s times as healthcare workers elucidate how the immunocompromised or those afflicted with lifestyle disorders are at greater risk than others.
This is not the first time that the human race is plagued with the fear of death and disease or lingering infections. However, developments in medical science allow greater awareness of the disease, thus, increased awareness of how a shift in lifestyle habits ensures better protection. The World Health Organization in 1986 defined health as “A resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.” However, in today’s concept, health involves a wider meaning as it includes wellness and the conscious choice towards including hygiene practices in one’s routine.
A Healthy Change is in the Offing – Better lifestyle habits that will be the new normal post the COVID-19 relief will include:

1. Health checks: We know about security checks at the airports and baggage checks while checking out from shops in malls. However, vulnerability to the virus attack due to its transmission mode means more people opting for health checks after having deboarded their flights or checking out of hotels or malls. Safety concerns will prompt more people to carry sanitizers and hand wipes despite having access to soap and water for washing hands. Besides, hotels and malls, many will start using temperature scanners or gift sanitizers to their customers during checkouts.

2. Including ‘Yoga’ in fitness routine: Beefing up in gyms is passé. Practicing the traditional ‘Yoga’ asanas to develop agility and strength is now the new norm. While this ancient science has been a gift to India and the world by ancient sages, people have now realized its significance as they look for natural ways to boost their immunity as opposed to over-dependence on allopathic medicines or treatment at hospitals.

3. Boosting social wellness: The golden rule “Love thy neighbor as thyself” to induce and maintain harmony has long remained neglected. The inadequacy of healthcare services has underscored the importance of a support network that includes friends and family. Also, social well-being helps boost overall health and happiness.

To sum up, the “3 H” will become the new mantra – Home, Health, and Hygiene. These 3 should be your top three things to prioritize today and in the post-COVID days!

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