GURU: Movie in Focus – Dissecting Business Concepts for All

Some incidents in life influence and inspire you. The passion to do something worthwhile becomes overwhelming while the instinct for mere survival is replaced with the inordinate desire to make your dreams come true. While Bollywood serves to entertain, some movies with meaningful script have managed to tear through the mundane conventions of trade and serve us with soul-inspiring life lessons. The movie ‘Guru’ loosely based on former Indian business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani was deemed an important film in 2017 as it raised relevant questions about red-tapeism and how out of the box thinking can help in accelerating corporate juggernaut.
Unlearning and Learning Life Lessons
Abhishek Bachchan playing the role of Gurukant Desai seems all fired up as the movie mirrors the roller coaster ride that the character goes through in the face of an obstinate bureaucracy that refuses to move unless its rigs are oiled well. With dreams of growing into a serial entrepreneur someday, the ordinary man from Idar, Gujarat teaches us some important lessons important for startup founders in today’s times.

Live your Dreams: As the popular adage goes “Man’s dreams are an index to his greatness”. However, the movie starts on a different note about dreams with Gurubhai addressing to his workers and shareholders, “Mera bapu kehta tha, sapne mat dekho, sapne kabhi sach nahi hote, par maine dekha aur kya hamara sapna sach hua?” The roaring sound of applause affirmed the collective dreams of many who had worked hard to create a behemoth that gave a befitting reply to those harboring misgivings regarding the stability of private enterprises. In short, dreams are nothing if not backed by consistency and hard work.

Entail Confidence: How many times have we heard our parents saying, “If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t expect others to.”. A flashback to one of the scenes in the movie wherein Guru Bhai enters the “kapda” market only to be dissuaded by Mathura Das, a doyen with a stronghold in the cloth market. But our Guru Bhai knew how to strike light in the face of extreme darkness. Not willing to bog down, Guru Bhai said optimistically, “Thik aapke baaju mein khade rehke dhandha karunga aur aap jaise pachaas hazaar ki chutti kar dunga!” Simply told, beat the fear before it gets the better of you.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask: The License Raj had a gripping control on the Indian economy. Guru Bhai is denied the license to work by an established entrepreneur Farzan Contractor. However, this experience does not refrain him from seeking an alternative way to his dreams. He complains of the injustice to a journalist and forces Contractor to retract from his earlier decision. Well, Guru Bhai defined his winning moment with his popular dialogue “Maangoge toh milega”.

Strike an Emotional Bond: Present yourself with flair. To sound like a leader who cares deeply about his co-workers, employees, peers, and stakeholders, you must know what you want to say. Your words must resonate with what your workers feel and strike an emotional chord with them. With much verve and style, Guru Bhai addressed the annual meeting of his company Shakti Corporation, “Shakti Parivar ko Gurukant Desai ka namaskaar!”

A Futuristic Approach: Gurukant Desai was a man of action than words. His foresight enabled him to plan ventures well ahead of his time while his sharp marketing acumen helped him synchronize market movements with his business needs. You must have clarity in your thinking to be able to implement the right plans. Focus on building a brand. As the feisty Guru Bhai rightly said, “Bas naam hi kaafi hai!” and goes ahead to explain fearlessly “Idar ke nidar hai hum!”. Where the mind is without fear, the head is automatically held high.

The movie “Guru” is more about resilience and practicality. It is about using the experience to sharpen the sword of the spirit. Gurukant Desai proved to be an extraordinary man at a time when most people focused on daily wage earnings alone. The prefix “extra” in the word “extraordinary” carries a lot of weight. Your life must be worth the effort to achieve it.

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