How Wars and Major World Crises Help the World to Evolve?

“Necessity is the mother of invention” means that all innovations to date have stemmed from social problems and situational crises that had jolted the world out of its complacency. The test of human strength is its ability to deal with it. Fortunately, Charles Darwin’s theory propounding survival of the fittest got a boost as subsequent wars and depression gave way to in-depth understandings of dissent and need for progress in all walks of life.

Let’s look at this chart above – every time there has been a crisis, the human mind has looked for better solutions for a plethora of problems – not just related to that crisis! Like once the First World War finished, it led to the invention of Air Traffic control, Drones, Blood Banks, and also sanitary napkins for women. Next came the Great Depression and Second World –the Ball Point Pen was invented and the supercritical – Computers, along with Satellites, radars, and ATMs! These discoveries have changed the course of mankind and have played a significant role in how humans have raced into the future with such advancement. The financial crisis, starting with the early recession in the 1980’s lead to the invention of the Artificial Human Heart. When the Asian Crisis and the Russian Financial crisis ended the ‘World Wide Web’ or the web browser came into existence, along with the ‘Internet for all’ and music streaming. The Global Financial crisis of 2008, was also the time when 4G network and IoT or Internet of Things, along with GPS, Bionic Pens became reality.

Coming to this crisis that we are in right now. Countries and continents suffering from the latest coronavirus pandemic have shown maturity in handling this epidemic by implementing immediate measures to slow down the spread of the disease. As opposed to losing millions of people to the plagues in medieval Asia and Europe
But more importantly, it’s the inventions that will follow this pandemic that we must keep our eyes out for. Data scientists are now using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for taking over many situations in health and other fields. Education is seeing major transformation currently with online movement. Similarly, healthcare will see some major inventions as it is the most scrutinized industry (need for a vaccine is live and present).
While no one can predict what inventions will follow, we must strongly believe that every world crises help our world evolve for the better. In such troubled times, the basic human spirit of hope and growth takes over. Thus as a race, we must never shy away from facing adversities – we thrive in them and come out stronger!

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