Rahul Gupta

Creating Value in Everything that I Do.

A father, husband, and a stock market trader!

Hi, I am Rahul Gupta, I live in Jaipur. I have been working in the world of Finance for the last 15 years. Over
the last few years – I have been thinking of starting a blog and penning down the many ways you can
navigate this maze called the financial market. 

Let me start by giving you some insights into what I do. I run a company called Finesse Advisory Services Private Limited along with Sachin Sogani. I lead a team of young energetic people focused on generating excellent returns for our clients through our advisory based on quantitative based models. We use cutting edge technology and creativity that help us unearth patterns and trends which the human mind cannot see. We work with the simple objective of identifying market trends scientifically and consistently through algorithms and quantitative-based models. We are known for having excelled over the years – by delivering stellar results for our clients with our advisory – across all kinds of markets, be it bullish, bearish or sideways!

This blog aims to write about the current trend in the financial market, along with sharing my values and beliefs on various topics. Along with being your ‘trusted advisor’, I hope to be able to help you navigate into this world of finance by sharing my knowledge and my insights. Do join me and read on!